Cactus Bouncy serum 33 ml

WHAMISA lifting serum is a TOP product against wrinkles. This completely natural serum is exceptional with a triple moisturizing effect that lasts up to 72 hours after application. That means it hydrates not only on the surface of the skin, but is able to get through to the dermis. So far, no other product in the world can do the same ingenious triple combination. Clinically tested.

In addition to SUPER hydration, the serum stretches out the skin. It reduces black circles under the eyes and it assists the skin in producing new cells. The serum is suitable for all skin types. Lifting serum contains 99,47% prickly pear!

Our tip: If something really works for wrinkles and skin aging, it is a combination of WHAMISA FRESH natural lifting prickly pear serum and WHAMISA BIO Anti-aging serum for wrinkles and eye area. We are addicted to it already!

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The main component of WHAMISA serum is prickly pear (99.47%), which is one of the 5 most effective superfoods in the world. It contains 40 bioactive active ingredients, 18 amino acids, 14 vitamins and 12 different minerals.
It contains mucin, a glycoprotein that is similar in effect to mucin produced by snails. Its moisturizing properties are incredible.

  • Lift up and firms the skin, eliminates wrinkles
  • Highly hydrates while locking hydration inside the skin
  • Unifies the structure of the skin, eliminates imperfections
  • The skin brightens
  • Lightens dark circles under the eyes
  • Slightly retracts enlarged pores, suitable for oily skin
  • Spirulina is another unique ingredient included in the cosmeceutics section. Spirulina is a single-celled cyanobacteria, full of proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • The skin brightens and effectively removes black circles under the eyes
  • Accelerates healing and increases the replacement of old skin cells with new ones. This significantly slows down aging
  • It is also suitable for acne problems or other imperfections

Opuntia Ficus-Indica Extract, Spirulina Platensis Extract, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Rosmarinus Oficinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil, Aniba Rosodora (Rosewood) Wood Oil, Citrus Nobilis (Mandarin Orange) Peel Oil


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WHAMISA IS LUXURIOUS KOREAN ORGANIC COSMETICS. The only cosmetics with the patented fermentation and no water added on the Czech market!!!

  • No Chemical/Synthetic Preservatives. 
  • No Chemical Emollients. 
  • No Artificial Fragrances.
  • No Artificial Colors. 
  • No Petrochemical Ingredients (mineral oils, silicones). 
  • No Parabens. 


  • Added water in cosmetics makes the skin dry.
  • Added water in cosmetics makes the good live conditions for microorganisms. Thats why the common natural cosmetics has to be chemicaly conservated. The chemical conservans can irritate the skin and cause the alergic reactions.
  • Waterless cosmetics is much mor concentrated and more effective.
  • Whamisa contains botanical extracts only.


Fermented ingredients have a higher concentration of antioxidants and nutrients than non-fermented versions of the same ingredients. The fermentation process itself also produces additional skin-beneficial ingredients, such as amino acids and peptides. Additionally, fermentation helps break down the ingredients into more readily absorbed constituents, so the positive effects the ingredients have to offer are experienced more fully.

There’s also early but promising scientific evidence that some lactobacillus ferments help treat and prevent acne and rosacea. The mechanism by which this is achieved is still being explored, but the speculation is that this effect is due to a combination of the protective, “shielding” effect lactobacillus provides for skin cells, the antibacterial effect of bacteriocin produced by lactobacillus, and the anti-inflammatory effect of lactobacillus.