Ginseng Extract 10 pcs

KOMBE ROYAL is 100% extract of 6 years old Korean red ginseng. The special moment is here. You can order the most precious ginseng in the world. It comes from Korean area Punggi, a very famous area when the most effective ginseng grows.

Ginseng contained in Kombe Royal: 

Boost your mind and body with energy.
Fight against the fatique and improve to solve the problems.
Support immunity.
Improve the memory, concentration and thinking. 
Increase libido and erection.

We strongly recommend KOMBE ROYAL in the such situations as there are now in the world: flu, infection, cold, stres, immunity support. 

KOMBE ROYAL in comparison with a classic KOMBE is a very strong emergency version. And we know, that all people who take care will love IT. KOMBE ROYAL contains the most effective ginseng in the world. It comes from the Punggi area. This Korean area is very famous because the natural ginseng has been grown here for thousands of years. This species is the most clinically tested plant. It is considered to be the best adaptogen in the world. 

You need KOMBE ROYAL when you are really tired, exhausted and you need to boost energy. If you are infected, ill, fatigued, exhausted take KOMBE ROYAL. KOMBE ROYAL works immediately. Recommended dose is one sachet per day.  We were testing it on us, our families and close friends during all autumn. And we can personally recommend it. 

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100% extract of 6 years old natural red Korean ginseng.

Tip:  "KOMBE  works more preventively  and protect you complexly for the long term period.  When you overestimate your abilities and weaken your immunity KOMBE wouldn't be enough. This is the moment for KOMBE ROYAL. It works rapidly fast. I recommend in critical situations. It works as a one-shot for your vitality and energy boosting. Don't use for long time." PharmDr. Lucia Havlíková.

1 sachet contains: 10ml of 6 years old natural red Korean ginseng extract, 3 000 mg of active substances. Content of saponins Rg1, Rb1, Rg3: 14,7 mg. All saponin content: 70 mg/g.

Adjuvant: purified water.


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KOMBE is our treasure. We were testing many different ginsengs from the best Korean ginseng producers for all over year. And we found the best one, the ours, KOMBE

KOMBE comes from Korean area Punggi. This area is very famous because the most effective ginseng grows exactly here. 

KOMBE is our trade mark registered for EU market. 

KOMBE in Korean language means "cheers!" 

KOMBE is a unique combination of 6 years old Korean red ginseng and jujube. Thanks to this combination the effects multiply. It is also effective and safe dose for long time use without any breaks.  

KOMBE Royal is 100% extract of 6 years old Korean red ginseng. This concentrated alternative use for short time. Recommended in critical situations. It immediately boosts your energy.