Blue Notebook

The PURE DISTRICT Origin Notebook has been custom-made in Italy. And why the bespoke design? Because Lucka adores dotted pages and Líba writes only on lines. So we decided to create a compromise. The first half is ideal not only for writing, but also for painting, sketching, and a few games of noughts and crosses, perhaps? While writing notes into the second half will be a delight. In addition, the notebook is extremely design conscious. The page edges are silver-coloured, the cover is made from eco-leather, it has a back paper pocket, and also includes a black triangular PURE DISTRICT pencil. The notebook’s cover comes in two alternative colours – black and turquoise.

“I love stationery and all office supplies. Creating one’s own, custom-made notebook was a real test, but I think we passed with flying colours. It’s truly beautiful. I’m really enjoying it, which means the handbag gets that bit heavier :)"

In stock: Yes
Package size: 1 ks
Price including VAT: 29 EUR
Pc: 1 + -
For the shopping you earn: 60 PURE points

PURE DISTRICT ORIGIN is our own brand. Mostly they are products we’ve been longing for, and which have real meaning for us. We regularly use them ourselves and they make us happy. Maybe they’ll have the same effect on you.