KOMBE tea contains a unique combination of Korean 6-year-old red ginseng and jujube. This combination contains over 180 active ingredients.
KOMBE ROYAL is a 100% extract from Korean 6-year-old red ginseng. It’s one of the most valuable and effective ginsengs in the world.
Compared to the traditional KOMBE, KOMBE ROYAL is an incredibly strong ‘fighting fit’ version. And we know that everyone who takes good care of themselves will love it.

KOMBE Ginseng Soda is a soft drink for adults. It’s core ingredients are ripe Sicilian lemons, KOMBE, and rosemary. Ginseng Soda is top-fermented using champagne yeast.
KOMBE is trademark protected for the European market.

KOMBE Ginseng Soda 24 pcs KOMBE Ginseng Soda 24 pcs
KOMBE Ginseng Soda 24 pcs
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