KOMBE ECO PACK 222 doses

KOMBE tea is a unique combination of ginseng and jujube fruit. 

  • Boost your mind and body with energy.
  • Fight against the fatique and improve to solve the problems.
  • Support your immunity.
  • Improve the memory, concentration and thinking. 
  • Increase libido and erection.

Naturally gluten-free. No added colours or preservatives. No artificial flavours. No lactose.


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KOMBE means "Cheers!" in Korean language. So Kombe - Cheers!

1 tea scoop contains: 6 years old Korean red ginseng extract: 300 mg of effective substances; jujube extract: 60 mg of effective substances. 

Adjuvant: glucosis

All content of saponines: 70 mg/g

KOMBE is our treasure. We were testing many different ginsengs from the best Korean ginseng producers for all over year. And we found the best one, the ours, KOMBE

KOMBE comes from Korean area Punggi. This area is very famous because the most effective ginseng grows exactly here. 

KOMBE is our trade mark registered for EU market. 

KOMBE in Korean language means "cheers!" 

KOMBE is a unique combination of 6 years old Korean red ginseng and jujube. Thanks to this combination the effects multiply. It is also effective and safe dose for long time use without any breaks.  

KOMBE Royal  is 100% extract of 6 years old Korean red ginseng. This concentrated alternative use for short time. Recommended in critical situations. It immediately  boosts your energy.