PD ORIGIN Bitter Chocolate

A quick shot of energy for mind and body. Contains 2x sachets of KOMBE!

First chocolate manufactured in the Czech Republic with ginseng and jujube extracts is here! PURE DISTRICT ORIGIN Bitter Chocolate is made by the traditional chocolate-makers Callebaut, the world’s biggest processors of cocoa beans. This chocolate maker rinds all its ingredients extraordinarily finely – much more so than other chocolate makers. Ingredients are then mixed with the same precision and patience until the mass, taste and flavours blend perfectly.

Our experience: Finally, we can indulge our sweet tooth healthily. It’s entirely up to you which flavour you choose – we love them all. Each chocolate is hand sprinkled with 2 sachet of KOMBE. Lumps in chocolate are not sugar, but they are KOMBE granules and are desirable.

In stock: Yes
Package size: 100 g
Price including VAT: 9 EUR 7 EUR
Pc: 1 + -
For the shopping you earn: 5 PURE points

Cocoa solids content at least 55% in bitter chocolate.

Bitter chocolate 94% (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier, soya lecithins, natural vanilla flavouring, whole milk powder), granulate with Kombe plant extracts 6% (glucose, Korean ginseng root extract 10%, jujube extract 2%).
May contain traces of peanuts and other nuts.

Nutritional data per 100 g
Energy values 2176 kJ/522 kcal
Fat 33 g (of which saturated 20 g), Carbohydrates 51 g (of which sugars 47 g), Protein 5.2 g, Salt 0.01 g
Korean ginseng root extract 6 g per 100 g.


PURE DISTRICT ORIGIN is our own brand. Mostly they are products we’ve been longing for, and which have real meaning for us. We regularly use them ourselves and they make us happy. Maybe they’ll have the same effect on you.