PURE DISTRICT Origin Cup and Saucer 1 pc

Enjoy KOMBE in an original PURE DISTRICT ORIGIN Teacup, manufactured with love and care in the Czech Republic. The handle of the cup is decorated with our favourite quotation PURA – Everything is pure to the pure. KOMBE means ‘To your health!’

Our experience: KOMBE is an everyday ritual for us, now going back several years. This year we’ve fulfilled an ambition and created a teacup that’s close to our hearts. Minimalistic, elegant, the kind you’ll never tire of.

In stock: Yes
Package size: 1 ks
Price including VAT: 15 EUR
Pc: 1 + -
For the shopping you earn: 30 PURE points

Volume: 150 ml

PURE DISTRICT ORIGIN is our own brand. Mostly they are products we’ve been longing for, and which have real meaning for us. We regularly use them ourselves and they make us happy. Maybe they’ll have the same effect on you.