Hydratation & Skin activation

WHAMISA Toners have undergone radical transformation. They have more volume, a new ‘supercharged’ formula, and eco-friendly packaging.
  • They basically have the same properties as a serum, balancing the skin’s pH and moisturising it.
  • They activate the skin and guarantee the absorption of other products’ active ingredients. Newly manufactured to suit the skin’s unique needs. Each of them tackles a different problem, while simultaneously leading an effective fight against aging skin. You’re going to need all three. All tonics are suitable for every skin type, including sensitive and problematic skin.
  • WHAMISA Moisturising Spray gives you instant hydration and healthy, young-looking skin. If combats the unpleasant effects of dry, airconditioned air on your skin, while also acting to set make-up. WHAMISA Moisturising Two-Step Sprays are gamechangers. We recommend using them as second-step moisturisers, where they superbly intensify the effects of a tonic. You’ll achieve maximum skin hydration.