Try out the disposable WHAMISA Hydrogel Mask. Thanks to the absorption of active ingredients combined with melting hydrogel, you’ll experience new sensation of hydrated and healthy skin. There are three masks to choose from, depending on your current needs.

Do you want to treat your face to some real luxury with immediate effect? The queen among masks is the WHAMISA FRESH Anti-Age Mask KELP.This sea-weed based mask is able to smooth wrinkles, reduce swelling, and tighten pores, all while unifying and brightening skin tone.

Do you need lifting? Take a month-long lifting cure. Apply 2 masks during the first week. For each of the remaining weeks just apply one Kelp mask.

Did you know that you can influence the condition of your skin by up to 80 percent? Only 20 percent is down to genetics and other uncontrollable factors. Which is why we should apply a mask at least once a week. This is the only way we can hope to give the skin the nourishment and time for regeneration it requires, and so prevent aging.