This year discovery is the luxurious LOLA candle from the VERMI BY DARA collection. The fragrance is a unique combination of jasmine, iris, rose, sandalwood and warm amber. It refers to the most valuable thing the singer Dara Rolins has - to her daughter Laura. Candle LOLA - VERMI BY DARA was handmade in the Czech Republic. Each piece went through careful hands, which perfectly formed it, leveled the wicks, glued the label, wrapped it in a box and sent it on its way to you. That is why every candle is so special and unique. 

Our tips: For maximum fragrance intensity, the candle has a unique wick made of certified cotton, which was made by a special technique. It burns evenly, full of flame and does not smolder. Love at the first sight!

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Package size: 210 g
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  • VERMI BY DARA - Lola candle is a mysterious and warm fragrance. First sensation are full of the tones of sparkly bergamot and spicy wood of cedar. The smell of baby powder and luxury soap will immediately come forward. 
  • The heart of the candel is warmed by a spicy rose, the flowers are collected only at night, when they give off the scent. This is masterfully illustrated by one of the most expensive perfume ingredients in the world – jasmine sambac. Did you know that over eight million blossoms are needed to be taken for one liter of jasmine essence? Yes, that is true! 
  • The trio of flowers is complemented by iris root extract, which gives the scent and an ethereal grandeur and velvety softness.

Coconut and soy wax