PURE DISTRICT ORIGIN Home Fragrance 10 ml

The home fragrance PURE DISTRICT Origin is a wonderful addition to your home. Suitable for all fabrics like curtains, drapes, upholstered furniture and clothes. The wholesome fragrance of PURE DISTRICT Origin combines individuality and mystery.

Lightly floral scent with tonka beans and a base of powdery notes and natural resin from the labdanum bush. Evokes a feeling of cleanliness, safety, and home. Calms the mind and quietens turbulent emotions. Smells fresh, clean, and crisp. Tested for several years in cooperation with our customers. It has a three-stage formula of fragrance and intimacy, developed according to the traditions of the French school of perfumery.

Our experience: This fragrance for us is literally iconic. You can smell it whenever you enter our shop. It perfumes every package that you order through our e-shop.

In stock: Yes
Package size: 10 ml
Price including VAT: 10 EUR
Pc: 1 + -
For the shopping you earn: 20 PURE points
  • HEAD: rose, lily of the valley, jasmine
  • HEART: violet, tonka beans, marzipan
  • BASE: vanilla, musk, labdanum

PURE DISTRICT ORIGIN is our own brand. Mostly they are products we’ve been longing for, and which have real meaning for us. We regularly use them ourselves and they make us happy. Maybe they’ll have the same effect on you.